General requirements for BUGS FILMS entrIES

Films eligible for the 1000 BUGGS-FILM Competition are to be considered according to the following criteria:

The film is not longer than 90 seconds

The submitted films will be free to examine BUGS in all forms and shapes, from all perspectives and angles. Great imagination and resourcefulness will be welcomed, and free associations are naturally allowed. ANIMATED CONTENTS IS WELCOME. There are no restrictions regarding the content, except the requirement of an unmistakably clear relation to the topic.

SUBMITTED FILMS WILL BE REVIEWED BY THE gobugsgo team and posted at GOBUGSGO.ORG within 72 hours. If the submission of a film does not meet all of the requirements mentioned, it will not be eligible for participating in the Competition.

All eventual omissions or doubts remaining within the regulations will be solved by GoBugsGo’s rules of equity and good judgement.

In all cases, GObugsgo will decide where and how the regulations apply and reserves the right to decide on exceptions to the regulations.

The applicant declares that he or she owns all rights concerning the use of the submitted work, or guarantees to have cleared all rights needed for uploading the film to VIMEO and DISPLAYING it on the GoBugsGo website.

Entering a film into the Competition implies the acceptance of its regulations; all submissions to GoBugsGo translate full acceptance and no reservations in terms of regulation.

Once a film is submitted, it cannot be removed, neither by the INdiviDual institution who submitted it nor by any other person or institution whatever the reason may be.


THE COPYRIGHTS of THE SUBMITTED FILMS REmaiN entirely with the creator/copyright owner of the film.  

For information and promotion purposes worldwide, THE WINNERS OF 100 BUGS-FILM COMPETITION  allow GOBUGSGO tHEIR filmS on all kinds of online, film, TV or printed channels.  

All materials used for information and promotion purposes are entirely at the discretion of GOBUGSgo.